Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Testimony of Faithfulness...

Today we went back to Dixie Drive to check on the progress of the clean-up. Unfortunately, all we found we several cars driving by taking pictures of the homes still lingering with devastation. We were overjoyed to see the cross we found still standing in the middle of, what used to be, the Frusha's home . Out of the the entire street, this home, along with the Baxley's , were the only homes that where completely done. It is a sad on one hand, but on the other hand is a testimony to what your prayers and donations have done: We have taken two homes completely destroyed by a tornado and cleaned them, leaving absolutely no aftermath! Here a couple pictures to show you just how much the Lord has moved.

The Frusha's-3 Days After the Tornado
The Frusha's-8 Days After the Tornado

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Praying and Patience

Currently we are praying and being patient on where to serve next. We wanted to update everyone and let you know we are continuing to serve. Thank you to everyone who has made a donation so far, may you be blessed. Also, thank you to everyone who has kept us in prayer, they are felt.This past weekend we visited a neighborhood that has been closed off due to power lines exposure. We were overcome with grief to see the devastation in this area. It is where the tornado first touched down and there are no houses left standing. This area is very poor and little to none had any kind of insurance. The clean up is barely begun, with most houses looking abandoned and not touched since the tornado hit.
Continue to pray as we seek where and how to serve next. Again, our vision to meet needs until they are met.
Pressing On, Enterprise Tornado Ministry

Friday, March 9, 2007

A Reminder of His Love Amidst the Destruction..

Today, while removing debris from the Frusha's family pool, we found something amazing! Part of some structural framework, most likely from a home that was destroyed. The incredible thing about this piece of wood was that it had been broken off in the exact shape of a cross. All week long we have seen little love notes from God, but this was much more than a little love note. It was the Lord affirming that even through disaster, He loves us and He loves this community. Personally, it gave us a sense of assurance, that even when we feel defeated and question what we are doing, the Lord give us this, confirmation that we are making a difference.

Standing in what used to be The Frusha's Dining Room

It is amazing to us, that it has been one week since the tornado tore through Enterprise. It is even more amazing to us to see the looks on people's face when you tell them, "I am here to help, no strings attached".
We pulled the YMCA's, which sits right behind the Frusha's home, metal soccer goal out of this families swimming pool yesterday, along with huge pine trees, and debris. The streets seemed abandoned compared to the earlier days after the tornado. Though this can be discouraging, we are pressing ahead, knowing that we will stay until the need is met, and the need is big.
A lot of people have asked us, "What is your vision?". Well, it is simple really, we are here, doing whatever we can, until the need is met. As we clean up, we are continually praying and asking about families who won't be able to rebuild. Our vision is to help them, to help them
rebuild their lives, one day at a time!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Blessings found, even in the rubble...

Roger Kilcrease has been blessed this week in more ways than one. Monday afternoon, while we were moving piles of debri with the excavator, I looked down and noticed an old, muddy looking bank bag. I assumed by the looks of it that it was probably just garbage, but I hopped of the excavator anyways and took a look. Inside we found $620.00 in deposits for a local bank here in Enterprise! The depositor was Enterprise meat market, and the deposit was scheduled to go to the bank on the 1st of March. That was the day the tornado hit. After we told a few people about the find, one of the volunteer's from Ft. Rucker was able the track down the name and number of the rightful owner, Roger Kilcrease. I gave Roger a call on my phone, and I am here to testify that he was one happy camper. We delivered his money the next morning to him at what use to be his meat market on the corner of Dixie road and Hwy 27. In the pictures above you can see Roger standing in front of his old store.
Roger was in the building when the tornado hit, and seeing that alone, we just had to hear his story. We couldn't believe anybody could have crawled out of that destruction. Roger said that his business partner came by earlier in the day, and told Roger he was going to head over to the bank to drop off the deposit. Roger told him not to worry because he was heading over there just as soon as he was finished with his lunch. His partner left and Roger placed the deposit bag next to the cash register. He then looked outside and thought to himself, "man it's getting dark out there". A few minutes later he heard the tornado coming. Roger told us that he ran to the bathroom but he heard a voice saying "no, not there!" He then ran into the office and he heard the voice again say " no, not there!" So he ran into the back of the store and crouched down next to a wall. In the picture above Roger is pointing to where he was taking refuge. When the tornado passed he crawled out of the rubble only to find that his store was gone, including the bathroom and office. If you look close enough in the picture you will see that the only wall left standing is the one he was hiding behind. Roger told us that people keep hearing his story and telling him how lucky he is. Roger's reply is "luck had nothing to do with it. I was truly blessed." We will continue to help Roger and serve his needs. Please keep the Kilcrease family and their business in your prayers.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A Milestone-Completed The Baxleys!

Today we were able to remove both of the Baxley's vehicles and finished cleaning up what the tornado had left behind. They were overjoyed and filled with gratitude...

Monday, March 5, 2007

The Baxley Family

David and Cherry Baxley saw the tornado coming over the hill and took cover inside their bathroom with their son. David said he thought a bomb went off. When the noise was gone, they
opened the bathroom door and found a tree where their kitchen use to be. They also discovered the only room left in the house, was the bathroom they took cover in. The only walls left standing were the hallways and and bathroom wall. When they walked out of the house, David found his truck under a fallen tree and his car on his neighbor's roof. We walked around the yard with him and we noticed his roof was nowhere to be found. We asked him where it was and he said he had no idea. They still have not found it.

Today we were provide this family with all the cardboard boxes they needed to pack up their salvageable goods. First thing in the morning we are using the excavator to remove Cherry's car from the neighbor's roof. Please continue to pray for this family as they spend the next several months and years rebuilding their lives .

Excavation Needs...

If you know of someone who would benefit from excavation work to their home, we are supplying services for a week. Please Email us!


Today, Pike Rentals in Troy, Alabama offered us a mini-excavator. They said they would rent it to us for 7 days for the price of 3 days!!! Plus delivery($100-round-trip) and they would throw in a trailer for FREE!!! This is a praise because we have an operator that is willing to labor for FREE also!!! Our goal:
Mini-Excavator: $566.79
Gas to operate: $150.00(all week)
Delivery fee: $100.00

Total Need: $816.79

This could benefit many people in the community with the clean up of their homes! If you feel lead please email us!!!